ICT player creates 20 tech jobs

30 Apr 2007

Up to 20 jobs are to be created in Ireland by expanding European ICT services firm Telindus, which is investing in new premises, staging labs and an innovation centre.

Telindus, which is the IT services branch of Belgacom, posted a turnover of €702m in 2006 and employs 2,753 people in 15 countries.

As well as upgrading its existing Belfast offices, the company is expanding into the Republic’s telecoms market.

The company will be investing in a larger premises, including an innovation centre, staging labs and over €2.5m worth of spares to support existing and new customers.

Telindus will be offering Irish businesses such services as IPTV, fixed mobile convergence, IP CCTV and connected real estate/smart buildings.

Telindus Ireland country director, Darragh Richardson, said there is an opening in the market for an international integrator with an established track record.

“This means an integrator who works with its customers to help them transform their business, focusing on the value IT can create within a business over the long term,” said Richardson.

“We don’t believe in short-term, commoditised technology for the sake of technology and Irish firms need a much better service than this to compete both at home and internationally,” Richardson added.

By John Kennedy