IEDR cuts domain prices

14 Dec 2005

The .ie Domain Registry (IEDR) today revealed ambitious price cuts of up to 20pc for new .ie domain registrations and renewals. The new prices take effect from 1 January 2006.

The latest price reduction follows on from a series of price cuts, including a 12.5pc reduction in January this year and 10pc in January 2004.

IEDR chief executive David Curtin said the price cuts were made possible by the introduction of new streamlining processes and greater efficiencies such as the introduction of a web-based reseller console for a community of 120 internet service providers, hosting providers and resellers with password-protected access to their entire portfolio of .ie domains.

A proprietary application built and developed by the IEDR’s internal technical services team, the console is effectively a domain management portal coded in Perl and the application runs on a standard Apache application, secured by 128-bit secure socket layer. The Hostmasters’ internal application is a domain management system for processing new registrations, transfers, suspensions and deletions. Known as Phoenix, it is an open source MySQL database running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3. There is a visual basic interface to the MySQL database of .ie domains. The application was initially developed in conjunction with Delphi Technologies.

“The IEDR is committed to giving consumers value for money, by taking the appropriate steps to reduce costs. The continued streamlining of our operational and administrative systems has enabled us to pass on the benefits of these efficiencies to our customers,” said Curtin.

He said that the 20pc price reduction was introduced also as a result of high growth rates of registrations, which have now passed 54,000, positioning the domain names and the Irish market leader, with 46pc of the market.

By John Kennedy