IFSC company in number portability deal with O2

17 Sep 2003

A young software company based in the IFSC has just completed the technology behind O2’s €7m investment in full mobile number portability (FMNP) rollout in Ireland based on the latest XML and CORBA technology.

WestGlobal, with offices in Dublin, London and California, deployed its mScape technology within O2 to enable the mobile operator to improve quality of service and increase revenue and operational efficiency through the rollout of FMNP.

The mScape technology specifically helps firms to ensure that they are maximising quality of service as well as increasing revenue and efficiency, by enabling companies to identify, report and manage any range of factors impacting quality of service performance.

O2’s head of IT, Simon Hanratty explained: “The solution assures for O2 the quality of service of a very complex, business critical project.

“Particularly when interacting with external organisations, it is important for O2 to have the confidence to guarantee the performance of our solution.

WestGlobal CEO Paul Acton described the rollout of FMNP as a good example of where mScape helps firms to ensure quality of service when interacting externally; in O2’s case FMNP meant co-operating and porting customers changing between itself, Meteor and Vodafone. mScape addresses business concerns about assuring the quality of service in critical IT projects.”

Using middleware like XML and CORBA, mScape enables O2 to effectively identify, report and manage any factors that impact the provision of quality of service between interacting systems.

“Number portability is a very complex business process, so it’s essential to have visibility of what is happening at a business level” explains Alistair Herriott, head of technology strategy and architecture at WestGlobal.

By John Kennedy