Instagram users can soon add pronouns to their profiles

12 May 2021

Image: © wichayada/

The social media app is in the process of rolling out a dedicated space for pronouns, which can be made public or only visible to friends.

While social media users often add their preferred pronouns to their profile bios, Instagram is now giving a dedicated space for them.

The new feature is currently only available in a few countries, but the social media platform said in a tweet that there are plans to roll it out further.

When the feature is available, users will be able to go to their profile, tap the Edit Profile button and then tap Pronouns.

“Starting today, we’re giving people more ways to express themselves on Instagram,” the company said. “You can add up to four pronouns and can edit or remove them at any time.”

Users will be able to select their preferred pronouns from a list. Through testing, Mashable found 41 options on the current list and said the company consulted with various LGBTQ organisations when compiling the list. This is potentially to avoid abuse of the field.

Instagram also said that it intends to add more options and users will be able to submit a request for pronouns that aren’t currently available.

The feature, which is completely optional, will also allow users to hide their pronouns from anyone who isn’t following them, which will be the default setting for anyone under 18.

Professional networking platform LinkedIn has recently launched a similar feature. Users can now avail of an optional field at the top of their profiles that allows them to add their gender pronouns.

The latest Instagram feature, which aims to encourage inclusivity, follows the introduction of another feature last month aimed at reducing online abuse.

In April, the company announced a new tool that allows users to filter out abusive direct messages from other users they do not follow. When switched on, the filter scans direct messages for common offensive words, phrases and emojis that can be selected by the user.

Jenny Darmody is the editor of Silicon Republic