Intel sets up new division for ‘internet of things’

7 Nov 2013

Chipmaker Intel has established a new business division to leverage ‘the internet of things’, the technology that connects everything from lawnmowers to ventilation systems via the internet.

The internet of things, as a result, will create huge demand for electronics and software, Reuters reported, and now Intel has set up its‘Internet of Things Solutions Group’.

Employees within the group will report to Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel.

Last month, Krzanich had said that in targeting the ‘internet of things’ and the wearable computing opportunity, there is also a chance to spark a new way of thinking at Intel to embrace open standards in a bigger way. To not do so, he said, would mean missing the future of computing.  

“Every two years we have to invent new things using new tools and processes,” he said.

Krzanich had also predicted a future where billions of sensors and machine-to-machine devices powered by technologies like its new Galileo dev board will in turn feed large volumes of data back into analytics for big data systems and services.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic