Iona acquires UK software house

7 Mar 2007

Irish enterprise software company Iona Technologies has acquired a UK-based software company for an undisclosed sum in cash in a move that will enable Iona to boost its ability to make large-scale service oriented architecture (SOA) deployments.

C24 is a London-headquartered software development firm that specialises in data management and transformation technology.

The company’s technology will provide Iona with rules-based data validation functionality that will help ensure the integrity of the data used in an SOA deployment.

C24 currently is focusing on Global 200 customers in the financial services industry, historically a strong vertical market for Iona.

Iona will in turn grow its existing data services products for the financial services industry as well as develop products for other verticals such as telecoms and government.

“The core philosophy of standards-based, distributed computing has been embraced by C24, and consequently the company’s technology is very much in line with that of Iona and Artix,” said Peter Zotto, chief executive of Iona.

“This acquisition is a natural extension of how we enable our customers to generate greater return on investment from their existing and future IT assets and reduce their fixed cost of IT ownership.

“This acquisition expands Iona’s ability to provide the products and services our customers need to deploy truly distributed SOA infrastructure solutions, independent of existing platforms, transports, protocols, and now data formats,” Zotto said.

By John Kennedy