Ireland to escape Oracle job cuts

10 Feb 2006

Ireland is likely to escape lightly from the current 1,000-strong jobs cull across Oracle’s global operations, sources have told

It is believed that the number of workers affected would amount to a single digit figure.

Oracle currently employs just under 1,000 people at its Irish operations.

As we went to press last night, analysts and press around the world were awaiting an announcement from Oracle on where the 1,000 jobs would be lost.

The cuts have been widely anticipated following the company’s US$5.8bn acquisition of customer relationship management (CRM) software player Siebel Systems, which was concluded last week.

The Siebel deal added about 4,700 workers to Oracle’s payroll. Oracle employed more than 51,000 people worldwide before the takeover.

Siebel employs just under 500 people at its operation in Galway.

The market has been anticipating that between 1,000 and 2,000 Oracle employees would lose their jobs as Siebel is integrated and that the layoffs would also affect Siebel workers.

The market based this prediction on the way Oracle reduced its workforce following last year’s US$10.1bn acquisition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) company PeopleSoft.

By John Kennedy