Irish broadband tech firm expands into US Linux market

22 Jul 2010

Cork-headquartered technology company Azotel is to expand in the US as part of a partnership with US player ImageStream, a manufacturer of Linux-based routers for ISPs.

Azotel Technologies develops integrated customer and network management solutions that help internet service providers improve their business operations, services and profitability. Azotel also has regional offices in Canada and Poland.

ImageStream Internet Solutions, Inc. manufactures Linux-based routers for business premise and broadband service provider networks. ImageStream routers are purpose-built to provide a flexible services delivery platform that supports a wide range of services and revenue streams.

The two companies will partner to deliver a network provisioning solution for wireless broadband operators using ImageStream routers and the Azotel SIMPLer Platform (OSS – Operations Support System).

The companies are also discussing options to support DSL provisioning and other advanced features. Azotel recently announced partnerships with leading US distributors to broadband operators, reinforcing its presence in the US market.

“Most service providers need an integrated billing and provisioning solution,” said JC Utter, president of ImageStream. “We’ve acquired a lot of experience working with other OSS vendors over the last three years, and Azotel has been very careful to avoid the kinds of pitfalls that hamstring other systems.”

“Azotel has one of the best-engineered billing and provisioning systems on the market today, and our partnership with Azotel is important news for our customers in the ISP and carrier markets.”

What is the Azotel SIMPLer OSS?

The Azotel SIMPLer OSS is a full-featured service provider management platform that can be used to manage single or multiple ISP businesses from sign-up to disconnect. Important SIMPLer OSS features include provisioning with ImageStream routers, customer portal with automated sign up, monthly billing and credit card processing, technical support trouble tickets, installation scheduling, inventory management, sales promotions, management reports and more.

“This latest announcement marks another milestone for Azotel in the US market, where we are partnering with a US manufacturer alongside recent successful partnerships with leading distributors to the US broadband market,” John O’Hare, CEO, Azotel, explained.

“We have been working with ImageStream for almost a year now, after being introduced by Solutions4ebiz to deliver a complete and proven management and provisioning solution for service providers. Our experience with provisioning and billing for cable networks also gives cable operators a better way to enter the wireless market with everything under one roof.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years