Irish business intelligence player invests in €1m expansion

18 Sep 2009

Dublin software company Nathean is investing €1m in a major R&D programme to make its Logix Professional technology “the world’s easiest to use business-intelligence tool.”

The company, whose revenues are projected to grow by more than 50pc in 2009, has grown employment to 20 people, hiring an additional three people in recent weeks, with more expected over the three-year investment.

Enterprise Ireland and the other Nathean shareholders support the €1m investment.

The investment underscores Nathean’s vision of turning its Logix Professional software into “the world’s easiest to use business-intelligence tool”.

“Our blueprint for competing successfully in international markets requires continual investment in disruptive innovation, best-of-breed metrics and drag-and-drop usability,” Barry Moylan, Nathean’s director of business development, explained.

“Our technology delivers a competitive advantage because of its ability to speed up the decision-making process. It does this by making it simple for business users to ask their own questions of diverse data sources and get immediate answers back.

“We are positioned distinctly from traditional ‘Big BI’ players who often require months working with teams of analysts and consultants to deliver completed projects. In contrast, our technology delivers day-one-value by helping customers eliminate cost and inefficiencies, understand risks, and critically navigate through today’s economic landscape.

“Businesses will no longer accept a multi-year return on investment. Our innovative approach empowers the decision maker to easily extract and manipulate data personally, without technical support. The result leads to radically shorter decision time frames, greater insight and a payback period of days and weeks, not years,” Moylan added.

The new research and development programme will deliver streamlined integration with business systems, including procurement, payroll, revenue, billing and customer relationship management.

Nathean Technologies was founded in 2001 and employs 20 people in Ireland, with presences in Poland and the US.

Logix Professional is successfully deployed on, Core, Agresso, SAP Business One and Oracle Utilities Customer Care & Billing software in local and central government bodies, utilities, financial services, retail multiples and construction companies. 

“Nathean Technologies is a fast-growing software company,” said Jennifer Condon, head of Software with Enterprise Ireland.

“Like many of Ireland’s technologically advanced companies, the majority of Nathean’s future growth will come from exporting. With its strong technology offering and key selling points of usability and customer service, Nathean has the opportunity to become a leading niche supplier of business-intelligence tools.

“This significant investment, supported by Enterprise Ireland, is aimed at helping Nathean address additional export markets by enhancing its competitive advantage and developing its capabilities,” Condon added.

By John Kennedy

Photo: Barry Moylan, Nathean’s director of business developments. Nathean is investing €1m in an R&D programme to make its Logix Professional technology a world leader.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years