Irish firm labelled ‘tech pioneer’ by WEF

5 Dec 2006

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has recognised Dublin-based Cicero Networks as one of the 47 “Technology Pioneers of 2007”. The company joins previous pioneers Napster and Google among the hottest technologies recognised by the WEF’s panel of experts.

Cicero Networks was selected on the basis that its technology is a proven market leader, according to the panel.

Cicero technology enables seamless wireless VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and media services for fixed mobile convergence and is in ongoing trials with over 30 service providers worldwide.

The company has recently added Comfone and Hello to its list of operator customers.

Cicero’s latest innovation is the CiceroPhone, dual-mode wireless softphone which supports fixed, mobile and IP calls on a single device, for Nokia S60 devices, resulting in the industry’s first seamless roaming client on the Nokia E60, E61, E70 and N80 handsets.

“These accolades recognise the technology companies that have the foresight to change how we live and the expertise to develop technology we will all rely on in the future,” said Cicero’s chief executive Ross Brennan.

He said that Cicero was just one out of 19 IT companies to be selected by the WEF this year.

Peter Torreele, managing director of the World Economic Forum, commented: “The competition to become a technology pioneer has been more intense than ever. It is evident that technology and innovation are playing a key role in the shifting power equation at a global level.

“Driving this shift is the tremendous amount of innovation taking place outside of traditional hubs.”

By John Kennedy