Irish firms win €100m in US export sales

17 Mar 2009

Contracts worth €100m have been secured by Irish companies during an Enterprise Ireland trade mission of 92 companies to New York and Washington, led by the Taoiseach Brian Cowen TD.

Among the Irish companies that made announcements during the trade mission were: Advanced Innovations; Alison; BioTector Analytical Systems; Dromone Engineering; Information Mosaic; Instant Upright; Lily O’Brien’s; Premium Golf Brands; Redmere; Rockall Technologies; Softco; Terminal Four; MindLeaders; Bord na Mona Environmental; Interactive Services; Pulse Learning; Heritage Coffins; Allergy Standards; Curam and Corvil.

“This week, Enterprise Ireland client companies secured contracts worth more than €100m with leading, high-profile companies such as Broadridge, Monster Cable, Symantec, Credit Suisse, Verizon and QVC,” the Taoiseach (pictured) said.

“These contracts are significant and show that Irish companies continue to produce world-class products and services.

“Securing export sales has always been at the heart of Ireland’s economic success, but its importance increases exponentially in the current economic conditions.  In the years ahead, overseas sales will be the single most important factor in sustaining employment and wealth creation in Ireland.

“The success of this trade mission clearly demonstrates that our strategy of developing Ireland as a producer of high-value, technologically advanced goods and services will continue to support and drive Ireland’s economic future.”

The US is Ireland’s second biggest export market. Ireland is now the 10th largest investor in the US, and Irish companies employ more than 82,000 people across all 50 states. Last year alone, more than 40 companies opened an office in the US.

“That our clients continue to secure significant contracts in the US and other markets in ever more competitive times is testament to the quality of their products and services,” Hugh Cooney, chairman of Enterprise Ireland, explained.

“And Irish companies continue to move up the value chain in the types of products and services they offer. Over the past 10 years, the growth in quality Irish consumer product sales has been matched and then outpaced by the surge in Irish industrial products and services in ICT, the life sciences and other high-tech areas.

“Companies that invest in R&D are finding global competitive advantage through innovation. This is giving them the edge to win these significant sales in what is the world’s most leading market for innovative, high-tech niche products.

“Enterprise Ireland is dedicated to continuing to work with these and other clients to ensure that Ireland continues to offer quality, innovative and high-spec products and services across many industry sectors and verticals,” Cooney said.

By John Kennedy