Liam Mullaney, Sage Ireland

7 Apr 2011

E-commerce offers opportunity to expand.

Sage’s Liam Mullaney says its time businesses consider moving away from cheques to electronic payments.

E-commerce should be viewed by Irish businesses as an opportunity to expand into new markets, be that within Ireland or overseas. We all know exporting is thriving and is in turn supporting growth in the Irish economy.

E-commerce, in my view, can help businesses enhance their export channel. It is a real opportunity for businesses to expand and grow. E-commerce is about selling products and services online and when done well can be an effective way to reach new markets and generate new sales.

E-payment is a very obvious way for businesses to save money. Over the past number of years, we’ve all had to focus on reducing unnecessary costs. There is not only a cost-saving opportunity, but also a time-saving one. Why should businesses wait for cheques to arrive in the post when they can use e-payments?

E-commerce will empower more businesses by creating job opportunities, promoting cross-border trade and will greatly contribute to modernising payments that will bring economic benefits to Ireland through improved local and international commerce.

Sage Ireland’s Liam Mullaney on the e-commerce imperative for Irish SMEs

The e-commerce imperative for Irish SMEs – Liam Mullaney, Sage Ireland