Logistics firm invests €100,000 in mobile handheld strategy

20 Nov 2008

Logistics firm PalletXpress has invested €100,000 in a mobile-delivery technology that includes electronic signature capture and proof of delivery using barcode scanners across a GPRS network.

The deal with Heavey RF will result in paper being eliminated from the logistics firm’s delivery schedules.

The solution includes electronic signature capture and proof of delivery using barcode scanners built into the Workabout Pro G2 handheld computers, which are linked to a GPRS network.

Proof of delivery is automatically routed to headquarters and the customer in real time, thereby eliminating the need to return paper records to head office.

PalletXpress claims to be one of the first pallet networks in Europe to build an integrated barcoding solution into its technology infrastructure to record the progress of each consignment.

PalletXpress is a development in Irish road-freight distribution that focuses on the movement of small consignments of palletised freight.

By creating a ‘hub and spoke’ operation, selected members, positioned throughout the country, deliver locally collected freight to the central hub in Mullingar each night. There it is sorted into pre-defined areas and given to other members for delivery in their locality throughout the 32 counties.

“The WorkaboutPro G2 is a rugged wireless handheld computer ideal for the demanding conditions and locations in which our members have to operate,” commented Tom Carr, managing director, PalletXpress.

“By eliminating paper from the daily delivery schedules, it has streamlined our business, eliminated costly administration and duplication and improved our invoicing times. A big advantage for us is that the solution provided by Heavey RF is easy to deploy and easy to manage.”

The PalletXpress deal represents an expansion by Heavey RF into the enterprise mobility market. The company has built its reputation to date within the warehouse environment, supplying mobile solutions using radio frequency technology.

This includes the supply of handheld and vehicle mount radio data terminals (RDTs), as well as voice-directed systems, integration software and peripherals and wireless security.

“The solution includes Mobile Control Software, which means that managers in PalletXpress HQ can view and configure mobile devices remotely thereby managing resources more effectively,” added Ronan Clinton, Heavey RF.

“The move into Wide Area Network logistical solutions is a natural progression for us from our core competency in Local Area Network solutions. We have been able to exploit advances in technology to deliver real business benefit. ”

By John Kennedy

Pictured: Ronan Clinton, Heavey RF, and Tom Carr, PalletXpress

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years