Long-time Googler and advertising SVP Susan Wojcicki tipped as YouTube CEO

5 Feb 2014

Susan Wojcicki

Google’s 16th employee Susan Wojcicki – whose garage in Menlo Park, California, once served as the company’s HQ – is reportedly going to take the helm at YouTube, leaving her role as senior vice-president of advertising and commerce.

If Wojcicki’s name sounds familiar, it might be because she shares a surname with sister Anne, co-founder and CEO of 23andMe. Frequently making appearances on lists of the most powerful women in business, Wojcicki has reportedly been looking to run her own department within the tech giant and her advertising expertise could mean a revenue-making boost for the social video platform.

YouTube CEO is a position formerly held by co-founder Chad Hurley until 2010 and up to now has been the role of Salar Kamangar. Kamangar was Google’s ninth employee and led the team behind AdWords, Google’s advertising revenue engine. In his time he has served as vice-president of various key services, including Gmail, Reader, Picasa and Google Video but The Information now speculates that Kamangar will make a move to Google Ventures alongside managing partner Bill Maris, with whom he has a close relationship.

Google has not yet confirmed the appointment but sources claim more changes are afoot at senior level.

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