Lough Shore invests in NI software firm Geopii

14 Mar 2011

A Northern Irish software company whose technology will help banks to start lending again with confidence has attracted an undisclosed investment from Lough Shore Investments.

Coleraine-based Geopii’s clients have US$100bn worth of assets under management. Ashley Moore, Geopii managing director, explained the company’s core technology is capable of providing the financial services industry with comprehensive portfolio analysis.

“We have successfully launched the first GIS-based property analysis toolset for the global public-sector taxation market. Our client portfolio now has a net worth of more than $100bn of property assets and the spatialest valuation product currently generates billions of dollars in taxable revenue annually,” Moore said.

Lough Shore Investments principal Danny Moore announced a strategic investment in Geopii. The announcement comes at the start of the first ‘Ireland Day’ summit at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), at which Danny Moore will be amongst the day’s keynote speakers.

Geopii is a software firm offering a solution designed to assist with the management, assessment, evaluation and viability of land portfolios. In particular, Geopii focuses on land and property in distressed market conditions.

“Geopii is one of the most innovative software firms in Northern Ireland and The New York Stock Exchange is home to some of the biggest corporates in the world, it’s the ideal location to showcase Northern Irish talent,” Moore said.

NI firms can compete at a global level

“The key focus of today’s summit is to rebuild the island of Ireland’s reputation abroad and assist Irish businesses in leveraging US markets. It’s about communicating to the 350 Fortune 500 executives here today that Northern Irish firms can compete at a global level and are open for business. It’s the very reason we established Lough Shore Investments.

“From our perspective, Geopii is unique in that it is an established Northern Irish firm offering next-generation technology. In a time when the ‘credit crunch’ has highlighted huge problems in the way loan books are valued, Geopii offers a truly unique platform for evaluation and risk management of property portfolios. We expect you’ll be hearing a lot more from Geopii in the months and years ahead.”