MAXroam on cusp of €50m in multiple SIM deals

14 May 2009

This week’s €10m partnership with global maritime charity Mission to Seafarers has been the biggest deal to date for Cork-based Cubic Telecom, but it’s only the beginning, founder Pat Phelan said, as the firm gets ready to announce three large partnerships in the coming weeks worth €50m combined.

While the newly branded SeaRoam SIMs means that Cubic Telecom will provide MAXroam voice and data packages to 1.7 million seafarers at the 250 Mission to Seafarer ports around the world, two of the three forthcoming deals will see MAXroam SIMs take to the skies.

In two weeks time, MAXroam SIM cards will be available for sale in certain airports around the country, supplementary to the forthcoming deals.

The third deal, to be announced shortly, will be of benefit to backpackers and adventurers alike.

Although the SeaRoam deal was Cubic Telecom’s biggest to date, these new partnerships “will make this look like the Dopplr deal in comparison,” said Phelan, adding that the company is also now pursuing some important leads in the US.

By Marie Boran