Messaging technology firm wins UL deal

10 Aug 2009

Saadian Technologies, a Dublin-based software firm, has won a contract with University of Limerick (UL) to inform 3,000 students annually that they have received a CAO place in its college.

Founded in 2000, Saadian Technologies specialises in SMS (texting) services for public and private enterprises through its product, Business2Mobile. Its products are used by over 100 blue-chip enterprises globally.

“Text messaging is the language of school leavers who are our potential undergraduates, so it makes sense to use this text-messaging service to communicate with them. The challenge we have is the tight timeframe between when CAO offers are issued (mid-August) and the orientation programme for new students (start of September) annually,” said Joachin Barnet, office manager, Undergraduate Admissions Office, University of Limerick

“The text message includes a web link which brings students to the orientation website with details on the orientation programme, and they can also start organising campus accommodation early if needed.”

He added that UL also uses the messaging technology as a communications tool for guides giving campus tours as part of the orientation programme.

“The guides take their group to the enrollment area and text messages can be sent to the guides to control the number of groups in the enrolment area at any given point in time, thereby saving students time queuing unnecessarily.”

Pictured: Cliodhna McGuirk, managing director of Saadian Technologies

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