Meteor puts the fizz back into CRM

22 Dec 2009

Mobile network operator Meteor has introduced a new system known as ‘Fizzbacking’ that involves consumers texting back their feelings on staff responsiveness and customer service.

Meteor has selected the Fizzback Engagement Platform to improve customer satisfaction and drive superior staff performance across its retail estate.

Every single customer who shops in a Meteor store will receive a text asking them for feedback on their experience, which Meteor will then use to continuously improve its customer service.

“Meteor is the first company in Ireland to introduce a system like this,” explained Garry Doyle, sales director at Meteor.

“We are committed to delivering a superior service across our whole operation and by adopting the Fizzback solution we will take our customer experience to the next level.

“Fizzback allows us to reach out to all our customers, rather than just a sample, ensuring we can act upon every customer comment. Critically, the information gathered helps our front-line employees to help our customers, creating a genuine service culture.

“As the system is real time we can make immediate changes based on customer feedback and already we have introduced new products and changed some of our processes.

“Should any customer reply with a negative experience, they will receive a phone call from Meteor Customer Care looking to remedy their problem’’, he added.

This real-time customer feedback is used to drive staff performance through real-time customer satisfaction measurement and enables Meteor to fine-tune the customer experience at local levels by identifying underlying customer trends.

“We are privileged to be working with a truly innovative mobile communications providers and Ireland’s leading retailers,” said Fizzback CEO Rob Keve.

“We look forward to helping them continue to deliver world-class customer experiences,” Keve added.

By John Kennedy

Pictured – Meteor sales director Garry Doyle and Rob Keve, chief executive, Fizzback

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years