Microsoft buys mobile crash analytics application HockeyApp

12 Dec 2014

Software giant Microsoft has acquired HockeyApp, a mobile crash analytics and app distribution service, for an undisclosed sum.

Both parties have confirmed the deal via their websites, with Microsoft’s product unit manager Brian Harry pointing to the additional support users of Microsoft’s Application Insights tool can look forward to as a result of the takeover.

“The primary reason for us to acquire HockeyApp is to add an industry-leading Android and iOS solution and to bring in critical iOS and Android talent and experience,” wrote Harry in a blog post.

“We have committed to supporting all the major mobile platforms as first-class citizens.”

HockeyApp founders Michael Simmons, Andreas Linde, Stefan Haubold and Thomas Dohmke called the acquisition “a tremendous opportunity to continue to provide developers with the best app-development tools and users with the best app experiences”.

They added: “We want to be very clear about the most important thing: we remain dedicated to our mission of making the best mobile app development feedback and testing distribution platform in the world.”

HockeyApp will continue to operate as normal while it’s integrated into the Application Insights service.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic