Microsoft .Net used in NI data sharing plan

19 Dec 2003

Microsoft has implemented its .Net technology in the ‘proof of concept’ opening stages of a major integrated technology project to support the Causeway criminal justice information sharing initiative in Northern Ireland.

The new system will result in easier sharing of information between criminal justice organisations in Northern Ireland. The system – which is being installed by a Fujitsu-led consortium that includes Microsoft, HP and Meridio – is to be entirely based on a Microsoft platform.

The intelligent exchange of data throughout the Causeway system will be facilitated by the Microsoft Biztalk Server, while the common data store function will be implemented using Microsoft SQL Server.

The main Causeway portal will be based on ASP .Net technology, which enables the development of web applications and servers.

The platform will ultimately allow greater and more effective connectivity between the police, forensic scientists, the probation board and the prison service on a real-time basis. The aim of the project is to reduce paperwork by replacing paper-based records with systems based on the electronic storage, transfer and retrieval of data.

“The Microsoft platform will provide the Causeway project with seamless integration, high security around sensitive information, while allowing for ease of access to crtical data across several complex organisations,” said Derrick McCourt, public sector group manager at Microsoft Ireland.

By John Kennedy