More women in IT believe men earn more – survey

8 Mar 2011

The number of women working in technology who believe their pay package is not comparable to that of their male colleagues has risen over the past couple of years, a survey suggests.

Half of the women surveyed said they didn’t believe their pay was equal to men’s pay, which included 14pc who were certain about this and 36pc who believed it but lacked proof, Intellect’s 2010 Perceptions of Equal Pay Survey found. The latter number increased 12pc compared with the survey’s 2008 results (24pc).

The number of women who are certain their pay is comparable has also decreased, from 15pc in 2008 to 11pc in 2010. Respondents who said their pay is comparable to men’s pay but had no evidence of that had decreased from 32pc to 30pc.

The IT industry association questioned 119 women from the technology sector for the survey, with 75pc of respondents coming from large companies.