MySpace to lay off a further 300 international staff

23 Jun 2009

Following last week’s news that social-networking site MySpace was to lay off 400 employees, or 30pc of its staff worldwide, today brings news that a further 300 of its international staff will also get the axe.

This extra 300 represents two thirds of MySpace’s international staff, which leaves 150 with their jobs, and according to TechCrunch UK, at least four offices outside of the US are closing, with offices in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, and Spain being reviewed right now.

MySpace China, which is locally owned and operated, as well as MySpace Japan, which is a joint venture, will not be affected by these closures, while the European and Australian activities will most likely be focused on London, Berlin and Sydney.

A letter sent to international MySpace staff yesterday outlined the company’s plans to “streamline” operations abroad, in order to “rein in growth in staff and expenses that we cannot sustain”.

MySpace added that future plans will involve regional partnerships and integration into a smaller number of territories.

By Marie Boran