Narragansett partners with UK digital marketing firm

28 Aug 2007

Limerick-based online marketing software developer Narragansett Technologies has partnered with Cheetahmail founder Denis Sheehan’s marketing firm Digital Relevance to deliver services across the UK and Ireland.

The partnership will help each company’s respective existing and future customers to further monetise websites through email marketing, RSS, ad serving, inventory sales and online research. Web hosting, content management and search engine marketing are also part of the new joint service provision equation.

Narragansett Technologies is a developer of online marketing software services including email marketing package SpinnakerPro and SensorPro, an online research and survey service. Global customers include Coty, House of Frasier and Procter & Gamble. Its technology is distributed worldwide under OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreement by Epicor Scala Software and Epsilon Interactive.

Denis Sheehan founded Cheetahmail UK in 2002 and grew that business through acquisition to become the UK’s leading email provider. Subsequently he founded Digital Relevance, a fully-fledged digital marketing company.

“Digital marketing continues to offer customers substantial returns on investment and as such we wanted to accelerate our growth,” said Sheehan. “We evaluated a number of options but in the end the decision to work with Narragansett was an easy one. Customer service is the key business differentiator for me and when coupled with robust feature-rich technology is a winning combination. Our partnership with Narragansett enables us to further deliver both seamlessly.”

Chris Byrne, CEO and founder of Narragansett, commented: “The leadership team at Digital Relevance have clearly demonstrated that they have what it takes to add significant value to our customers and our business.”

By Niall Byrne