New BA service to simplify booking a holiday

24 Sep 2010

A new holiday service launched by British Airways (BA) will enable customers to save time and money when booking a trip, according to the airline.

The recently launched ‘lower price holiday finder’, which displays alternative holiday dates to the customer’s original departure date, enables them to see a list of the cheapest times to travel, the airline said.

“Following the success of dynamic packaging where flight plus hotel or flight plus car rental were combined … we have now developed more advanced options, such as the new ‘lowest price holiday finder’ on This new technology ultimately gives customers the opportunity to save even more time and money when booking their holidays,” said Claire Bentley, managing director, BA Holidays.

This new service will benefit those seeking value, those on a budget, flexible holiday-makers and those short on time to shop around, according to BA.

It’s all about flexibility

The service operates by offering the user alternate departure dates that could save them money, so instead of travelling on a Friday at a high cost, the service might suggest the user travels mid-week instead, at a potential fraction of the price.