New tech quarter for north-west NI

7 Jul 2004

A new technology cluster driven by employers covering Derry, Coleraine, Strabane, Magherafelt and Limavady has been launched by the areas’ city and local councils as well as Invest Northern Ireland.

The cluster, known as ITquarter, consists of a forum of IT companies in the north-west of Northern Ireland and will focus on boosting regional development in terms of job creation, wealth development and innovation.

“The forum will set a standard for IT here, providing leadership, strategic guidance and practical solutions to improve the management and operation of IT services in the region,” said Dermot McDermott, chair of the forum and regional development of Momentum.

“The continued work of the forum will facilitate a forum for knowledge sharing, stimulating innovation and wealth creation, which will in turn create a steadfast confidence across the global marketplace in the IT sector within Ireland north-west.”

Invest Northern Ireland is one of the key stakeholders involved in the branding initiative for the ITquarter. The director of Creative and Design-based Industries at InvestNI, Ian Murphy, commented: “The ITquarter represents a cluster of excellence in IT within Northern Ireland. The work of the forum, by engaging in business partnerships, seeking strategic alliances and pushing the boundaries of innovation will help diversify local economic development activity and maintain Northern Ireland’s reputation as an attractive place to invest and live.”

The keynote speaker at the launch of the new ITquarter was Iona Technologies CEO Chris Horn, who said: “Fostering a spirit of co-operation and knowledge sharing within the IT sector is critical. Industry organisations such as ITquarter are vital in helping new and progressive IT companies succeed and take their place on the global stage.”

By John Kennedy

Pictured are Dermot McDermott, chair of the newly launched, ITquarter and Dr Chris Horn, CEO, Iona Technologies.