NewBay is in the eye of a mobile social media storm

16 Feb 2010

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2010, BARCELONA – Paddy Houlihan’s mobile software company NewBay has secured a major deal with Deutsche Telekom to drive the Germany telecoms giant’s next generation of cloud-computing services.

Under the deal, NewBay’s LifeCache Social Networking Gateway (SNG) and LifeCache Media Upload Client have been deployed to power the upload of photos, videos and audio filed to Deutsche Telekom’s Media Centre, where they can be immediately accessed and shared anytime via PC, mobile or TV.

In related news, the company has introduce LifeCache Android Service, a runtime service for Android devices that accelerates development of mobile applications and services that connect to the LifeCache platform.

The LifeCache platform powers a range of user content services for more than 80 million subscribers through Tier-1 operator and OEM customers.

Abi Onifade of NewBay told that the technology allows operators who sell Android devices to pre-embed services and applications within the operating system.

“Most European operators are seeking to create a signature look and feel within Android. Our technology allows users to share pictures with third-party destinations, like Facebook and Twitter.

“LifeCache helps operators to better manage the interaction between the user and the social networks.”

Onifade said the company is closely watching opportunities in emerging markets where it is envisaged the next 1 billion internet users will come online via their mobile devices.

“Sharing user-generated content is going to be a key activity in emerging markets,” Onifade said.

Amanda Campbell of NewBay explained that the company’s technology is also used by T-Mobile in the US, for example, for its My Album service.

By John Kennedy

Photo: Abi Onifade and Amanda Campbell of NewBay at the Enterprise Ireland stand at the GSM Association Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

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