Nokia licenses BlackBerry technology

8 Nov 2002

Nokia and Research In Motion (RIM), the Canadian manufacturer of leading wireless handset, BlackBerry, (pictured) have signed a software licensing agreement.

Under the terms of the agreement, which was announced today, Nokia will be allowed to use and distribute certain BlackBerry software with Nokia products on a global basis. The agreement is non-exclusive.

Senior vice-president at Nokia Erik Anderson said: “By signing this software licensing deal with RIM, we are able to provide another compelling option for mobile professionals to manage their email while on the move.”

Chairman and co-CEO at RIM, Jim Balsillie said: “We are pleased to partner with a world leader like Nokia to deliver the popular and proven BlackBerry wireless email experience to Nokia’s customers.”

Some 14,000 US companies currently use the BlackBerry device, which quickly earned the moniker ‘crackberry’ because of its addictive power.

O2 launched the most recent advanced 5820 version of the device earlier this year. The uptake of the device was very slow, however, prompting O2 to slash the unit price from €799 to €299 to boost demand. Vodafone is planning to launch a rival corporate email service, Email Anywhere, next week.

Although best known for the BlackBerry, RIM develops platforms and solutions for accessing phone, text messaging, internet and intranet-based applications as well as email.

RIM technology is also used by third-party developers and manufacturers to enhance their products and services with wireless connectivity to data.

Further details of the agreement between Nokia and RIM were not disclosed.

By Suzanne Byrne and Brian Skelly