Nokia responds to Apple lawsuit

18 Jan 2010

Mobile-phone manufacturer Nokia has vowed to “vigorously” defend itself against patent infringement claims Apple has made against the company.

In the latest in what has been an ongoing legal battle between the two firms, Apple filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission on 15 January, asking it to block Nokia smart-phone devices from the US.

Back in October, Nokia sued Apple, alleging that Apple’s iPhone infringed on 10 of Nokia’s patents.

Apple countersued, claiming Nokia had copied certain aspects of the iPhone and infringed 13 of its patents.

In late December, Nokia filed its own claim with the ITC, alleging Apple infringed seven of its patents in “virtually all of its mobile phones, portable music players, and computers”.

Apple told the BBC that it would not comment on its latest legal move, but Nokia responded that it would “study the complaint and defend itself vigorously”.

Late last week, Eastman Kodak also sued Apple, over technology used in the iPhone.