Norwegian SME software player to set up in Dublin

2 Sep 2005

An Oslo-based firm whose software is deployed in more than 50,000 SMEs and used by more than 100,000 European users is to launch into the Irish market next month following the establishment of its new Dublin office that will initially employ 10 people.

Mamut Business Software products address a range of issues vital to any company including accounting, salesforce automation, customer relationship management, logistics, project management and e-commerce. In conversation with, Mamut’s founder and CEO Eilert Hanoa said the company is targeting the market currently occupied by Sage, but he said its software is similar in its ease of use to a Microsoft Office package in that the software can be deployed and up and running after five steps.

Designed specifically for SMEs, Mamut’s solutions are currently used by more than 100,000 users across Europe. Many SMEs require an all-inclusive administrative system consisting of customer and sales follow-up, accounting, logistics and e-commerce. This simplifies the daily operations and reduces the need to use different solutions from several suppliers. Mamut’s solutions also allow seamless integration with Microsoft Office in order to simplify the way SMEs do business. The software elements can be purchased individually or as an integrated suite of software that encompasses many applications.

Mamut also offers an online backup service to homes and businesses allowing all computer users, large and small, to take advantage of the growing availability of broadband internet access to safeguard their precious data. Hanoa explained businesses that sign up for the online backup service get the first half gigabit of storage for free after which an additional gigabit will cost only €1.

Mamut’s new office will be located in central Dublin and will be the base from which the company will drive adoption of its software in the Irish market. It will employ 10 people.

Hanoa added: “When it comes to SMEs, they really want to be flexible and have to juggle sales, consulting, importing, exporting and constant changes in the business model. The more businesses segregate these functions the more difficult it will be in the long term to adopt to change and challenges. Mamut deploys just one package that will suit any type of business.”

Alan Moody, managing director of Mamut Ireland, said the company has been researching the Irish market for the past 18 months. “We will have a localised version of Mamut that is compliant with Irish accounting rules and regulations and with the euro as the base currency ready to launch in October.”

He added the company will also be establishing a business resource centre at its Irish offices that will function as both a showcase for Mamut’s software but also as a training facility for resellers and customers. Local support for the software will be conducted from a call centre in Oslo.

By John Kennedy