O2 and Safeguard build
on risk

7 Sep 2005

O2 Ireland has teamed up with identity management software firm Safeguard Ireland to develop a risk-assessment solution for the construction industry.

The customised solution enables companies to carry out electronic assessments of a construction site using an O2 Xda II device.

All companies planning to undertake any work either on a new or existing site are advised to carry out a site assessment to highlight the risks and precautions before giving authority to proceed.

The solution represents an improvement to the traditional paper-based system that a lot of companies use. Not only does it reduce the risk of paperwork getting lost but also risk assessment is easier to complete, especially when used outdoors in bad weather. In addition, Photo ID enables site photographs to be taken and stored for before and after shots.

Amongst its host of features, the O2 Xda range provides customers with access to colour images, video, movie clips, music, games, information, phone, email and corporate internet applications whilst on the move.

Damien Gallagher, business portfolio manager of O2 Ireland, explained: “This Safe-work software system underlines our strategy of working with Irish companies to develop innovative solutions for the Irish market. Our partnership with Safeguard is an excellent example of this commitment and delivers a robust and efficient solution to the construction industry.”

A typical risk assessment in the construction industry involves identifying the hazards present and then evaluating the extent of the risks involved, taking into account existing precautions, according to Peter Plant, director of Safeguard Ireland.

“The results of a risk assessment help users choose which good practice measures are most appropriate. It is important to protect a company’s workers, other workers onsite and members of the public.”

Plant continued: “This electronic solution encompasses a set list of questions, which cover all areas of risk assessment. Companies can complete these in real-time using O2’s Xda II and send the electronic form directly back to the company’s database.

“The construction industry probably has more than its fair share of accidents (and near misses) resulting from failures in the application of health and safety principles. We believe that persons who have responsibility for construction sites will greatly benefit from this solution,” Plant added.

By John Kennedy