Online advertising to increase by 12.8pc in 2012

28 Feb 2012

Global advertising spending is expected to grow by 4.9pc in 2012 to US$465.5bn, with global online advertising forecast to grow 12.8pc to US$83.2bn in 2012, accounting for 18pc of global ad spending, the latest Global Advertising Forecast from Strategy Analytics suggests.

“Major global-impact events led by the Olympics, the US presidential elections and the European Football Championships, as well as Japan’s continuing recovery from the earthquake combine to paint a brighter picture globally in 2012 for advertising spending overall,” said Ed Barton, Strategy Analytics’ director of Digital Media Strategies. “Furthermore, we expect that total ad spend will surpass half a trillion ($500bn) dollars in 2014.

“Online advertising will continue along its growth trajectory, fuelled by strong growth in emerging markets and increased spending volumes on social networking and online video advertising.”

More specifically, online advertising is expected to lead the way in the UK, with an expected growth of 10.6pc this year to US$7.6bn, compared to 0.7pc for TV, 0.3pct for print and 2.6pc for other traditional formats.

Online advertising across Europe is expected to grow by 11.7pc this year, compared to 3.4pc for TV and 2.4pc for other traditional advertising. Print is expected to decline by 0.1pc.

“The UK is way ahead in terms of the share of spending generated by online – its share in the UK this year will be around 36pc compared to 20pc in Europe and 18pc globally,” Barton said.

“Furthermore, advertising spend on online has already overtaken print in the UK and is expected to do so in Europe and globally in 2017.”