Online games giant creates 50 new jobs in Dublin

14 Jan 2009

Japanese online games firm Gala has decided to expand its European HQ in Dublin, due to the growth of the online games market and the success of its Irish operation to date.

The 50 new positions being created will bring total employment at the facility to 100 by 2010.

Gala was established in Tokyo in 1993, and the main focus of the company is the development of online games and the operation of game portal sites globally.

Gala established its European HQ in Dublin in 2007 in order to expand its growing base of European customers.

It was one of the first Japanese companies to provide online games in the US, plus Gala was the first online games company to come up with a business model that is non-subscription-based.

Users can download the game for free and pay only when they decide to “buy an item” to enhance their gaming experience and prowess. Items include costumes and weapons, which can be bought with the Gpotato virtual currency.

By John Kennedy