Online potential for Irish goods in the US – survey

19 Jan 2011

Sales of Irish-made goods in the US could substantially increase if access to purchasing was made easier, a new survey by Amarach Research suggests.

Carried out in conjunction with, the online survey reveals there is huge potential for sellers of Irish goods to tap into the US market, with respondents reporting difficulties in buying Irish food, clothes and books.

The research shows that almost two-thirds – 59pc – of those surveyed say they would like easier access to basic Irish food items. Some 53pc would like easier access to clothes, 35pc to confectionery, 33pc to jewelry and books while 25pc would like easier access to antiques and 30pc to Irish art.

Only 15pc of respondents say they buy gifts for family or friends in Ireland using home-grown websites, highlighting a gap that is calling to be filled.

Purchasing behaviour

The survey shows that 36pc of purchases are made online via non-Irish websites; 31pc buy directly and then post, 8pc call shops directly in Ireland and give credit card details while 7pc get friends or family in Ireland to do the shopping for them.

At times such as Christmas, 69pc buy books online as gifts for family or friends living in Ireland, 61pc CDs or DVDs, 23pc gift baskets, 19pc flowers, 10pc giftware or crystal and 10pc vouchers.

The survey questioned 2,400 people last month, most of whom were American-born.

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