Paddy Power puts money on Oracle database

18 May 2006

Paddy Power has selected Oracle to provide database software for its new integrated electronic point-of-sale system.

The bookmaker plans to integrate and centralise all retail sales data from more than 200 betting outlets across Ireland and the UK and has taken delivery of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition One software to handle the task, which involves processing close to 50 million transactions per year.

By implementing the new system, Paddy Power said it would no longer need to process betting slips manually and the company’s retail operation would become more efficient as a result. Betting slip details from each of the bookmaker’s outlets are to be scanned locally. The information will then be uploaded and stored in a central Oracle database. The system, which is set to go fully live in September, will also centralise all point-of-sale information from Paddy Power’s retail outlets across Ireland.

Paddy Power, communications manager with Paddy Power, commented: “Our customers will benefit with speedier and more efficient service, our staff will benefit because the system will ease their workload and the business will benefit with more trading information available at our fingertips.”

Renu Wren, regional sales director with Oracle, added that using the right technology can help businesses in short-, medium- and longer-term business planning and forecasting.

By Gordon Smith

Pictured at the announcement is Paddy Power, communications manager, Paddy Power with John Rutherford, technology sales, Oracle Ireland