ParthusCeva strikes deal with Renesas

16 Sep 2003

Irish chip designer ParthusCeva has signed a deal to license its mobile phone chip technology to the third largest semiconductor maker in the world and the world’s number one supplier of microcontrollers, Renesas Technology.

Under the deal, ParthusCeva’s TeakLite DSP core is to be shipped with Renesas’ GSM/GPRS semiconductor chips which will be customised into the manufacture of the next generation of mobile phone handsets.

Renesas was formed in April this year as part of the integration of Hitachi and Mitsubishi’s semiconductor operations.

ParthusCeva’s Teaklite DSP core is aimed at providing advanced functionality to future mobile devices whilst at the same time consuming low amounts of power. It is envisaged for use in gadgets ranging from cell phones to MP3 players and voice over internet protocol terminals. It is also part of ParthusCeva’s 3G roadmap technology family.

“With Renesas, the third largest semiconductor in the world, licensing our TeakLite DSP core is further endorsement of our position as the number one licensed DSP architecture in the industry,” said Chet Silvestri, CEO of ParthusCeva.

“Powered by our TeakLite DSP core, Renesas has produced a wireless solution that leads the industry in performance, power-consumption and feature set and has already been adopted by leading European manufacturers of handsets.”

By John Kennedy