All of the highlights from the latest PlayStation 5 announcement

12 Jun 2020

Miles Morales in the upcoming Spider-Man title on PlayStation 5. Image: Sony/Marvel

Sony has finally revealed images of the PlayStation 5 and details of some of the games we can expect to see after the console launches later this year.

On Thursday (11 June), Sony finally revealed what its PlayStation 5 console is going to look like, around six months after Microsoft-owned competitor Xbox published the first images of its upcoming Series X console.

During a scheduled event where Sony showcased some of the games that will be available on the next-generation console, the company also shared images of the PlayStation 5 hardware and some of the accessories the company plans to release down the line.

Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said: “With PlayStation 5, we are making a significant leap to deliver a truly new generation of transformative play experiences that will redefine expectations for what games can be.”

Ryan said that the latest PlayStation 5 showcase is “just a glimpse” of what is to come in the next generation of gaming.

Last month, Sony confirmed that the console is still on track for launch later this year, despite the disruption to business caused by coronavirus restrictions.

A new look

With its latest console, Sony has made a departure from the classic black design of PlayStations 2, 3 and 4, introducing a two-tone hardware design that will initially be available with two different options. There will be a standard model with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, as well as a digital-only model with no disc drive.

Two white consoles side by side, one with a disc drive and one without.

The two different PlayStation 5 models. Image: Sony

It’s likely that the digital-only model will be less expensive, as is the case with Xbox’s digital-only offering, but Sony has yet to disclose the prices of its new consoles.

Among the accessories revealed for the PlayStation 5 are a new HD camera, a DualSense charging station, a Pulse 3D wireless headset and a media remote.

What games you should expect

There were plenty of games announced at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s latest event, with particular emphasis on games made by the company’s own studios and second-party partners, including a new Spider-Man game. They were as follows:

  • Astro’s Playroom
  • Demon’s Souls
  • Destruction All Stars
  • Gran Turismo 7
  • Horizon Forbidden West
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
  • Returnal
  • Sackboy A Big Adventure

Sony also announced a number of games coming to PlayStation 5 from third-party publishers and developers:

  • Bugsnax (Young Horses)
  • Deathloop (Bethesda)
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo (Bethesda)
  • Godfall (Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games)
  • Goodbye Volcano High (KO-OP)
  • Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online (Rockstar Games)
  • Hitman 3 (IO Interactive)
  • Jett: The Far Shore (Superbrothers)
  • Kena: Bridge of the Spirits (Ember Lab)
  • Little Devil Inside (Neostream Interactive)
  • NBA 2K21 (2K, Visual Concepts)
  • Oddworld Soulstorm (Oddworld Inhabitants)
  • Pragmata (Capcom)
  • Project Athia (Square Enix and Luminous Productions)
  • Resident Evil Village (Capcom)
  • Solar Ash (Annapurna Interactive and Heart Machine)
  • Stray (Annapurna and Blue Twelve Studio)
  • Tribes of Midgard (Gearbox Publishing and Norsfell)
  • The Pathless (Annapurna Interactive and Giant Squid)

If you want to see the trailers, you can watch the PlayStation 5 reveal presentation here.

A partnership with Rockstar Games

On Thursday night, Sony also announced that it will continue its “close partnership” with Rockstar Games when the new PlayStation is released, launching enhanced and expanded versions of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online on the PlayStation 5 in the second half of 2021.

Sony said that there will be a range of technical improvements and visual upgrades made to the Grand Theft Auto title. A new standalone version of Grand Theft Auto Online will be made available to all PS5 owners for free for the first three months of its launch.

Once the entitlement is claimed by users, the game is theirs to keep and with a PlayStation Plus membership, they can play Grand Theft Auto Online as much as they like.

To tide players over until the release of Grand Theft Auto Online on the PlayStation 5, Sony said that it is giving users who have the game for PlayStation 4 a monthly allowance of the in-game currency for free. Users will be able to claim GTA$1,000,000 once a month until the PlayStation 5 version of the game is released.

Kelly Earley was a journalist with Silicon Republic