Post office e-commerce deal may be just the ticket

24 Jul 2008

An Post has developed an innovative new service that will allow people to buy concert and sports tickets online and simply pay by cash in their local post office.

The deal with Tickets Ireland was made possible following the forging of a joint venture between An Post and, resulting in the creation of go&pay@anpost.

After selecting their tickets online, shoppers simply click on the go&pay@AnPost option to generate a unique barcoded invoice, which can be printed immediately or later from a confirmation email sent at the time of purchase.

Tickets are reserved for a pre-determined period of time. Following barcode scanning at any participating 1,000 An Post outlets, a customer receipt is issued. Once this payment is confirmed to Tickets Ireland by (the company behind go&pay) the tickets are dispatched.

“Go&pay will give us access to the ever-increasing numbers who currently do not wish to buy online due to the perceived threat of identity theft or card fraud, as well as giving us access to the 60pc of the adult population who do not have a credit card, while also allowing our existing customers the widest choice of payment options,” explained Phillie O’Donoghue, managing director of Tickets Ireland.

Amidst straitened economic times, the service is expected to prove popular among people more conscious of outstanding balances on their credit cards. Over 60pc of the adult population in Ireland do not carry a credit card and nearly 20pc have no bank account, as indicated from a recent study from the Financial Regulator.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years