Pre-tax profit and revenue increase at TelecityGroup

30 Jul 2013

Pre-tax profit for data centre and colocation services provider TelecityGroup has increased in the six months ended 30 June 2013 on higher revenue.

The company reported pre-tax profit of stg£43.9m, reflecting an increase from stg£40.07m from the year-ago period. Revenue jumped 16pc to stg£159.3m, compared to stg£137.3m in the first half of last year.

Adjusted EBITDA rose 17.8pc to stg£73.8m from stg£62.6m last year, and adjusted earnings per share also went up, by 10.8pc to 17.5 pence per share from 15.8 pence per share from the same period last year.

TelecityGroup also recorded an increase of 18.4pc in available customer power to 90MW, compared to 76MW in the first half of 2012. Total announced customer power is up 13.7pc from 124MW in the year-ago period to 141MW.

The company also reported a market-leading position in Istanbul through the acquisition of data centre and hosting provider SadeceHosting.

Michael Tobin, CEO of TelecityGroup, said that in response to customer demand, the company will continue to expand across Europe, both on an organic basis and through selective mergers and acquisitions.

“I am confident in the outlook for the group. I look forward to further strong operating and financial performances in the rest of 2013 and beyond,” Tobin said.

Data centre image via Shutterstock