PrimeCarrier acquired by Flint Telecom

26 Jun 2008

A Dublin-based company with a US subsidiary Flint Telecoms has acquired another Dublin-based telecoms software company PrimeCarrier, for an undisclosed sum.

Flint Telecoms is fashioning itself as a ‘on demand’ provider of services to the global telecoms industry and is to offer businesses ‘white label’ services that allow them to function as own-branded telcos.

PrimeCarrier will become a 100pc-owned subsidiary of Flint and will continue to trade under its own name.

The company said all staff will be retained to continue in software product development, marketing, customer deployment and support.

PrimeCarrier’s customers include major telcos including BT, BellSouth, KPN, Tele2, Telenet, Telstra, Vivodi and UPC.

The advantage of the acquisition from PrimeCarrier’s perspective will be access to the lucrative US market, as well as financial security.

The acquisition was fully supported by PrimeCarrier’s former shareholders ACT Venture Capital, Advent Venture Partners and Enterprise Ireland.

Flint chief executive, Vincent Browne, told that the company was looking at strategic options for growing its business.

“In the US today, Flint provides the technology and infrastructure for companies which wouldn’t traditionally offer a voice service but that want to offer their own branded telecoms service.

“Our customers would include cable companies, ISPs and other niche operators who want to offer a Vonage voice service or use our infrastructure.

“PrimeCarrier will remain a separate legal entity operating as it always has been, flying the flag for the Irish technology sector. It will also retain its R&D arm in Galway, the former Ambeo operations.”

Browne said the acquisition supports Flint’s global aspirations, as well as its 100-strong customer base.

“There will be no shift in R&D as far as PrimeCarrier is concerned, its strategic path will be protected. But at the same time, it gives Flint a better base to target emerging operators that want to provide voice over IP service.

“Essentially, we are focusing on the next generation of telecoms carriers,” Browne explained.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years