Publishers must stand up to Google, Murdoch says

7 Apr 2010

News Corp chairman and chief executive Rupert Murdoch said yesterday that newspaper publishers should stand up to Google and others to stop them from reproducing their content without paying for it.

In an interview with journalist Marvin Kalb for The Kalb Report at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, Murdoch said that search advertising had produced a “river of gold” for Google, but that “those words are being taken mostly from the newspapers”.

“We’re going to stop people like Google and Microsoft and whoever from taking our stories for nothing,” he said.

Once pay walls are put up around his titles, he said that access to his newspapers by content aggregators like Google could be limited to a headline and a couple of sentences. He said that most newspapers in the United States would also be put up pay walls for online content.

Two weeks ago, News Corp announced that The Times and The Sunday Times websites will begin charging for access from June of this year. The Wall Street Journal, also a News Corp title, already charges for online access.

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Photo: News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch