PutPlace offers discounts for HP-Upline users

26 Feb 2009

Customers of Hewlett Packard’s (HP) not-so-old, but soon to be disbanded, remote data storage service HP-Upline will not be left in the lurch, as Irish firm PutPlace.com is offering them a discount plan to use their services in place of HP.

HP’s Upline service, which is less than a year old, was aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, and while no official press release was announced, an email was sent to customers today stating it demise.

The email explained that the service will be discontinued as of 31 March 2009, while customer files will no longer be backed up to HP Upline servers as of 26 February, 2009 at 8am Pacific time.

All paid-up subscriptions will be fully refunded, said HP.

Users looking for an alternative online storage service will receive a free plan for three months if they enter ‘joe’ as the invitation code, said JoeDrumgoole, founder of PutPlace.com.

PutPlace.com is fully compatible with Windows, while a Beta version for Macs will be released soon.

By Marie Boran