Real Humans: Science, tech and business pioneers as you’ve never heard them before

14 Nov 2019

Mark Pollock and Simone George at Inspirefest 2019. Image: Conor McCabe Photography

The team behind Future Human is bringing Real Humans to your podcast platform of choice.

Editor’s note: Please note that Future Human 2020 has been rescheduled to take place on 29 and 30 October 2020. More details can be found here.

Following the recent reveal of Future Human – Dublin’s brand new sci-tech conference from the team that brought you Inspirefest – comes the launch of the Real Humans podcast.

Recorded backstage at Inspirefest 2019 – the fifth and final year of the international award-winning event – Real Humans marks the event’s pivot towards Future Human 2020, which takes place on 21 and 22 May 2020 in Trinity Business School.

Reflecting the new event, which places the human at the centre of research, innovation and business, Real Humans seeks to reveal more about each speaker interviewed with some unexpected questions.

In addition to an overview of each expert’s appearance live on stage in Dublin, each podcast episode features a backstage interview with randomly selected questions. The left-of-centre approach to speaker interviews has paid dividends, with the podcast uncovering more about the people helping to shape the future.

Episode one will be released on 19 November featuring TED 2018 speakers Simone George and Mark Pollock. The human rights lawyer and activist teamed up with her explorer partner on a quest to find a cure for paralysis, and what they share in Real Humans says more about the people behind this sci-tech journey.

As well as George and Pollock, the podcast will feature unique interviews with Angela Saini, author of books debunking gender and race-based science; former Beats by Dre executive Rafferty Jackson; disability activist Joanne O’Riordan; and founder Adam Harris, among others.

Produced by Bureau and sponsored by the Digital Hub, you can subscribe to Real Humans now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud or wherever you prefer to get your podcasts.

Future Human 2020

Future Human is delivered by the same team and curators that brought you Inspirefest, with an event that has a fresh new look, format and venue.

Trinity Business School in Dublin was constructed with state-of-the-art sustainability in mind and organisers say this venue will facilitate the new format, which will see more collaboration, interactivity and hands-on experiences.

Organisers have affirmed that Future Human will continue to build on the same core tenets of meaning, values and purpose that Inspirefest became known for, while showcasing the people and projects shaping the next phase of human existence.

Future Human is Silicon Republic’s international technology, science and business event celebrating meaning, values and purpose with collaborative, interactive and hands-on experiences. Super Early Bird tickets for Future Human 2020 are available now.