Revolut launches Junior accounts for standard customers in Ireland

17 Jul 2020

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Previously reserved for customers paying a monthly fee, Revolut will now offer its Junior account to standard users in Ireland.

Revolut is making changes to its new account aimed at younger users. The fintech announced today (17 July) that Irish standard account holders can now avail of at least one Junior account for children aged between seven and 17.

The children’s account was launched in Ireland in May, but was initially only available to Revolut customers paying a fee for Premium or Metal accounts.

The Revolut Junior account allows a child to have their own contactless payment card, controlled by a parent or guardian from their own Revolut app. With a free, standard account, users can have one Junior account attached, with a €40 monthly top-up limit.

A Revolut Junior account card coloured purple, light blue and dark blue.

One of three new card designs for Junior account holders. Image: Revolut

Those with a Premium plan can have up to two Junior accounts, while those with a Metal plan can have up to five Junior accounts. Users with fee-paying accounts have no monthly top-up limit, but there is an annual limit of €4,000.

In addition to topping up a child’s card, the parent or guardian can switch on or off the ability to make online purchases, control the ability to withdraw cash at ATMs, and switch on or off contactless payments.

New features

Parents or guardians will receive a notification every time the child’s card is used. The new Junior account card – which does not require a child to have their own mobile phone – also has the card details printed on the back as opposed to the front. This, Revolut said, is to reduce risk of the card’s details being shown through social media.

Two new features have also been announced for Premium and Metal customers using Revolut Junior, including the ability to create a standing order to top up the child’s card each week and something called ‘tasks’. This feature aims to gamify chores and goals by setting a reward that the caregiver can send to the child should they achieve them.

A spokesperson for the company could not confirm the number of Junior accounts that have been created so far since its initial launch in Ireland. In May, the number of total Irish Revolut users surpassed 1m.

Commenting on the latest announcement, Revolut Junior’s product owner, Aurelien Guichard, said: “We have noticed that many shops, cafes and restaurants have switched to cashless payments only during the pandemic.

“This means that children, who are traditionally given pocket money in cash, can be financially excluded. We believe Revolut Junior cards will tackle this problem and allow children to pay contactless and use their pocket money in a safe and secure way, overseen by their parent or guardian.”

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic