Weekend Takeaway: From evolution to sci-tech revolution

22 Mar 2019

Image: © Sergey Nivens/Stock.adobe.com

Essential weekend reading about all kinds of revolutions in sustainability, gaming, product engineering, mobile and more.

Kingspan sets sail on plan to recycle 1bn plastic bottles per year by 2025

Two casually dressed men standing by the sea with one holding a plastic bottle, symbolising recycling.

From left: Mike Stenson, head of innovation at Kingspan, with Javier Goyeneche, founder of the Ecoalf foundation. Image: Kingspan

Three-year partnership agreed with Ecoalf aims to take 150m tonnes of waste from the Mediterranean each year.

HubSpot’s Barbara McCarthy on engineering a customer revolution

Blonde-haired woman with blue eyes and wearing a blue blouse against an orange background.

Barbara McCarthy. Image: HubSpot

An authority on scaling up engineering teams, HubSpot’s Barbara McCarthy tells John Kennedy that the customer comes first and explains that culture is to recruitment as product is to marketing.

Three Ireland confirms 5G network roll-out will begin in 2019

Neon blue 5G sign switched on against a brick wall.

Image: © zatevakhin/Stock.adobe.com

Future Human

Three Ireland accelerates network investment with capex spend of €118m in 2018.

4 key takeaways from WorkHuman 2019

A shot of a small stage with the two women sitting in front of an audience. The Workhuman logo is behind them.

The WorkHuman 2019 conference. Image: Steven Miller Photography

Careers editor Jenny Darmody headed to WorkHuman 2019 in Nashville. Here are some of her key takeaways from the conference.

5 reasons Inspirefest 2019 will grow your career

A gold number five on a dark green door representing the number of reasons Inspirefest will help grow your career.

Image: © nowyn/Stock.adobe.com

If you haven’t got your ticket to Inspirefest 2019 yet, you really need to and we’re here to tell you why.

Could giving more pay increases help end austerity?

A stack of coins leading to other stacks that gradually get bigger, leading to a pink piggy bank representing pay increases.

Image: © nnudoo/Stock.adobe.com

King’s College London’s Prof Engelbert Stockhammer believes that giving more pay increases will go a long way towards ending austerity.

Millions of Facebook users’ passwords potentially exposed to employees

Close-up of woman's hand gesturing thumbs down against blue background, indicating another bad scandal at Facebook.

Image: © lijphoto/Stock.adobe.com

In yet another devastating privacy blunder, Facebook has admitted that it inadvertently stored user passwords in plaintext, searchable by employees.

What is Google’s Stadia and is it the end of the console as we know it?

Close-up of a new white gamepad device from Google called the Stadia controller.

The Stadia controller. Image: Google

Stadia represents the streamed future of gaming from the cloud. But will Google’s Netflix for video games mark the beginning of the end of traditional consoles and PC gaming?

KBC Bank Ireland goes live with open developer portal

Man in navy shirt and black hair stands with arms folded against a green wavy wall.

Kelvin Gillen. Image: KBC Bank

Open portal for developers will see KBC deliver on the open banking promise of PSD2.

Move over, 3D: 4D printing is now here to change the world

Person's hand touching the thumb of a printed hand.

Image: © fotofabrika/Stock.adobe.com

3D printing has promised a revolution in manufacturing, but 4D printing could usher in something truly extraordinary.