Ryanair and Maxroam deal to slash roaming by 70pc

30 Aug 2010

Passengers on Ryanair will now be able to reduce their mobile phone roaming charges by up to 70pc as a result of a new partnership deal the airline has struck with Maxroam.

Established by Pat Phelan Maxroam, a low-cost roaming SIM card provider, enables mobile phone users to make low-cost calls anywhere in the world and the company has struck deals in a number of verticals that enable users to make calls on land, at sea and in the air.

Indicative of the direction the company is taking, its MAXRoam division last year forged a €10m partnership with global maritime charity Mission to Seafarers to provide voice and data packages to 1.7 million seafarers at the 250 Mission to Seafarer ports around the world.

Ryanair’s 73 million passengers can now also significantly cut the cost of making and receiving calls, text/SMS messages or mobile data by buying a Maxroam SIM card.

“Only Ryanair delivers Europe’s lowest fares and number one customer service and passengers can now continue to save every time they use their mobile phone abroad,” said Ryanair spokesperson Sinead Finn.

“Ryanair and Maxroam have combined to slash up to 70pc off mobile roaming charges to ensure passengers can keep in touch with the office, gloat about lounging on a sun drenched beach, or to ask mum and dad to send more money for partying, without breaking the bank.”

This card will provide one fixed rate across 43 European countries and deliver low prices of just 9 cent per minute to receive calls, 39 cent to make calls, free incoming text/SMS messages and 12 cent to send standard text/SMS messages.

Ryanair passengers can buy a ‘roaming bundle’ which includes a phone, SIM card and €10 call credit for just €29 on Ryanair.com.

Maxroam SIM cards can be used anywhere in the world (in a standard GSM mobile phone) while iPad and iPhone SIM cards are also available to allow all passengers to save even more with Ryanair.

Maxroam sales director, Kieran Sexton, said the deal with Ryanair will bring the company to a whole new level.

“It is the ideal platform for Maxroam to provide visitors with a high-quality, low-cost roaming service when travelling abroad and to avoid a nasty bill shock when they return home.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years