SciencePOD sets its sights on making Ireland a scientific publishing hub

12 Sep 2017

SciencePOD founder and CEO, Sabine Louët. Image: Sabine Louët

Dublin-based company SciencePOD launches crowdfunding campaign to augment its services and improve science publishing.

The transforming media landscape means we are now seeing organisations needing to become respected publishers of quality content in their own right, and this emphasis on quality is particularly vital in the science, medicine and technology fields, where accuracy and clarity of information is paramount.

SciencePOD (Science Prose On Demand) is a cloud-based platform that allows expert content creators located all over the globe to work and collaborate in a single virtual space.

This collection of talents is then available at the click of a button for those who need them, to help generate content for their company or organisation.

Simplifying science publishing

Today (12 September), SciencePOD launches a crowdfunding campaign to help make Ireland a key hub in the global content-publishing map.

It is a well-established belief that using social media as a publishing platform is a convenient and useful way to generate traffic and raise awareness of what you and your researchers or company are achieving.

The difficulty lies in sourcing good copywriters, editors, multimedia producers and proofreaders with the adequate level of knowledge and talent to tell your stories in a smart and accessible way.

SciencePOD means that R&D and tech corporations can assemble a customised team of content professionals to help get their message across to policymakers, collaborators, business partners, customers, patients, students and the public.

There are also multiple language options available for those who seek reach beyond the English-speaking sphere, including French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Arabic and many more.

Virtual collaboration

As well as its trusted staff of international writers, SciencePOD also intends to recruit in-house topic editors to be based at its Dublin HQ, as well as project managers, proofreaders and infographic artists.

Founder and CEO Sabine Louët said: “With the support of our community and through this crowdfunding campaign, we aim to make our specialist content creation platform even more convenient for our clients.

“This means they will be able to collaborate and work directly with our editorial and multimedia teams under our umbrella. Ultimately, we want to make every science story accessible to everyone.”

Ellen Tannam was a journalist with Silicon Republic, covering all manner of business and tech subjects