Servecentric attracts Magnet

27 Feb 2007

Magnet Business has been added as a carrier to Servecentric’s Dublin data centre, bringing to 12 the number of telecommunications carriers with a point of presence in the centre.

Another major global carrier has also been added, according to Servecentric.

By increasing its number of carriers to 12, Servecentric has increased the communications options for its customers. The growing requirement for bandwidth-heavy applications such as gaming, streaming and video on demand has necessitated higher-speed network access, the company said.

“Servecentric’s data centre was an ideal location for Magnet Business to establish a point of presence given the pedigree of clients it hosts, including banks, semi-states and multinationals,” said Donal Hanrahan, sales and marketing director, Magnet Business. “Since entering its data centre we have already signed a significant three-year contract to provide high-speed data connectivity to one of Servecentric’s largest customers,”

Jason O’Conaill, sales and marketing director, Servecentric, commented: “This level of expansion offers significant benefits for our clients. As more carriers come on board, this will attract new clients to the data centre because they benefit from increased communication options and network resilience.”

By Niall Byrne