to give start-ups an extra ‘Tuesday Push’

8 Jun 2009, as part of its Digital 21 campaign, has joined forces with the Tuesday Push initiative to help get Irish technology start-ups and entrepreneurs recognised on the local and global stage.

Tuesday Push is an initiative co-ordinated by Gordon Murray and Damien Mulley at, where every second Tuesday an Irish company is chosen to be ‘pushed’.

Then all members of the Tuesday Push Community will blog and Twitter about the company to spread word about it, but also, and more importantly, they will critique the business and the technology used.

For some companies, the feedback has been as valuable as the attention their company received.

To date, Tuesday Push Community has covered a range of indigenous businesses including IGOpeople, Reva Health and In each case, the business benefited from a range of blog posts and tweets promoting their business.

The idea follows a co-op model, where to be pushed you also have to ‘push’ the current company being pushed.

Tuesday Push comes from the idea that it sometimes takes three mentions of an idea or business name before people, including potential investors, will take notice of it. The founders of the Tuesday Push are hoping to replicate this rule of three online in a digital version of word of mouth., Ireland’s leading technology site, and its campaign site for a National Digital Development Plan,, will give the initiative an extra push both online and in print.

Stay tuned for the first Tuesday Push on and, which kicks off tomorrow.