Slack unveils new Salesforce integrations at Frontiers conference

17 Oct 2019

Brad Armstrong. Image: Slack

Slack has further strengthened its existing relationship with SaaS platform Salesforce by releasing a host of new features.

Slack has announced a series of new features designed to further strengthen existing integration between the popular enterprise messaging app and Salesforce technology.

Brad Armstrong, head of business and corporate development at Slack, was joined on stage today (17 October) at the company’s Frontiers conference in London by Salesforce executive-vice president of strategic partnerships Ryan Aytay to reveal the news and demonstrate the features.

Among the new capabilities is the ability to create more custom notifications relating to pending sales deals, increased ability to push Salesforce information directly through to the Slack platform, and new integration for Salesforce Service Cloud – a functionality that supports customer sales representatives and is the company’s second-largest business after its sales customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

‘Tighter integration’

“We’re entering the next stage now that we have several tens of thousands of customers using the existing integrations with our customers,” Armstrong told

“We worked with [Salesforce] and worked with our customers to really go deeper on what collaboration in the context of sales and service teams really means and to publish an integration that really addresses those.”

Armstrong noted that for a long time, there was a prevailing market perception that Slack’s customer base was primarily in the technology and development sector. While this is still a significant vertical for Slack, this recent move further demonstrates how significantly sales and services teams utilise the app, and now can do so with the same amount of customisation and depth as tech and dev teams can.

“Everything we do at Salesforce is focused on making our customers successful and this includes giving them the flexibility to integrate with Salesforce wherever they work,” added Salesforce’s Aytay. “This tighter integration between Salesforce and Slack is a key way for us to dramatically streamline how our joint customers work.”

The suite of new features is now live for Slack users.

Eva Short was a journalist at Silicon Republic