Sony Ericsson to focus on smartphones in 2012

14 Oct 2011

Bert Nordberg, president and CEO of Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson will focus on the smartphone market next year, the mobile phone maker said as it posted in-line third-quarter profits today.

Lower margins shrunk profits partially offset by operating expenses.

Net profit fell to 0 from €49m in the same quarter last year, while sales decreased slightly to €1.59bn, from €1.6bn a year earlier.

“We delivered a solid €73m improvement in income before taxes as we rebounded from the previous quarter with a 33pc increase in sales,” said Bert Nordberg, president and CEO of Sony Ericsson.

“Android-based Xperia smartphone sales now account for more than 80pc of sales and we have shipped 22m Xperia smartphones to date. We will continue to invest in the smartphone market, shifting the entire portfolio to smartphones during 2012.” 

Units shipped during the quarter were 9.5m, a 9pc decrease year-on-year due to a decline in feature phone shipments, partially offset by an increase in smartphone shipments. The 25pc quarter-on-quarter increase was due to the higher volume of smartphones shipped.